A full suite of software for the BC practitioner to prepare, measure, and certify.

Software systems designed specifically for the BC Practitioner

  1. Prepare:  Improve recovery and continuity capabilities.
  2. Measure:  Assess readiness to continue critical functions.
  3. Certify:  Manage an ISO22301 industry certification initiative.


The Ganbatte! BC System™ is the focused and flexible Business Continuity system designed by BC practitioners for BC practitioners.


It cuts out all the "fluff" and overhead of BC planning, delivering value 11 to 18 times faster than other systems.

Ganbatte!  is a Japanese expression that means:
Keep going!  Try your best!  Do not give up!  You can do it!


The Ganbatte! BC System™ is also a straightforward way to measure preparedness to recover from a significant physical and/or staffing loss.

Scaled to fit organizations both large and small, The Ganbatte! BC System™ provides a series of simple interview questions that can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.

Discover your risks, create a heat-map and a road-map, and calculate your Recoverability Confidence Index (RCI™).


Working to obtain ISO 22301 certification?

22301 Manager™ is the only software tool for the 22301 standard in the entire industry!

So, get rid of your spreadsheets and ditch your documents. Managing a complicated certification program requires a proper tool.

We can meet almost any timeframe specialty budgetary need.

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